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22 Royal Terrace, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Tel: (03) 4778374 Home: (03) 455- 7503
Email: sdawa@clear.net.nz

Directors Ven. Thupten Rinpoche Ven. Lhagon Rinpoche

Yangsi Rinpoche is now four years old and is living happily with his family in Shillong. His father has written to tell us that Rinpoche is healthy and well taken care of. He was very pleased to hear that we had set up a foundation to support Rinpoche’s education when he joins Sera monastery. He also humbly requested financial help with the family business because it had incurred a lot of bad debts over the past few years. In reply, we have sent an offering of Indian rupees 20,000 (NZ $981.24) to Rinpoche and his family. Your kind donations have made this possible and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the Foundation financially. We have also been saving your donations for the next phase of Yangsi Rinpoche’s life when he enters the monastery.

The Committee

The original committee set up by the Venerable Thupten and Lhagon Rinpoches was dissolved in November 1999, due to the changed circumstances of some original members. The Rinpoches, as Directors of the Foundation, have since re- appointed Sallie Dawa and Jane Gillespie, and invited, Cathi Graham to join the committee.

The functions of the committee are:


After investigating the various options, it was decided that it would be most suitable for Yangsi Rinpoche to have his own house at Sera as we will need to accommodate Rinpoche, his tutor, an attendant and sometimes his family.

During a visit to Sera early this year Thupten Rinpoche bought a small piece of land at the monastery at a cost of NZ $630. We plan to start building a modest house of two stories in keeping with local monastic style, as soon as possible. At current prices we envisage the cost of a basic concrete three bedroom house to be around NZ $60,000 -$ 70,000.

As we intend to invite Yangsi Rinpoche to enter Sera Monastery at the end of 2002 when he is six and a half years old, the house will need to be ready by then. Please help make this a reality by contributing what you can.

Entering the Monastery

Yangsi Rinpoche's entry to the monastery will be celebrated by an admission ceremony, which will be open to all who wish to attend. This will be a wonderful opportunity for all to meet the reincarnation of our precious guru as well as share one of the most important events in his monastic life.

The ceremony will involve offerings of food and money to all the Sera Je College monks, the Trehore Kham Tsen monks, and invited guests at an estimated cost of around Rs 200,000 or NZ$ l0, 000. Again we will need to raise funds to sponsor this important event, so any ideas and help will be greatly appreciated. More details about this occasion will be available closer to the time.

The opportunity to safeguard and promote Yangsi Rinpoche's education is a great privilege and we feel confident that, with help from Gen Rinpoche's students from around the globe, we will be able to provide for all his needs, and thus repay Gen Rinpoche’s previous great kindness to us all.


To make a donation to the Yangsi Rinpoche Foundation you can direct credit it to the Foundation’s account 020912- 0255380- 25 at the Bank of New Zealand, 98 George St., Dunedin, or post it to the above address.

Please pass on this newsletter to anyone who you think might be interested, and who may be able to help.

Sallie Dawa Coordinator.

Balance Sheet of the Yangsi Rinpoche Foundation account as at 3.7.00

Balance b/ f (16.1198) $4082.23

Income: $5292.42

Expenditure: $1844.44

Balance as at 3.7.2000: $7530.21

Letter from the Directors, Venerable Thupten Rinpoche and Venerable Lhagon Rinpoche

Tashi Delek, We are sending this with the latest newsletter for the Yangsi Rinpoche Foundation as we would like to make a personal appeal to you to support the work of the Foundation.

As you know, we are responsible for over- seeing the education of Yangsi Rinpoche from the time he enters the monastery until he once again becomes a fully- qualified Geshe. This is one of the greatest honours and responsibilities we have ever undertaken and we have taken up the challenge with great joy and some trepidation, as we look at the costs involved and pray that we will be able to adequately meet all the young lama’s needs.

The two main projects at the moment are to build a suitable house for Yangsi Rinpoche and to finance a fitting ceremony when he enters the Monastery. As the enthronement ceremony already took place in Shillong when Yangsi Rinpoche was recognised, the entry ceremony will be the first opportunity for Gen Rinpoche’s Western students to meet the reincarnation of our precious Gen Rinpoche. As such, it will be a grand occasion and we warmly invite you to come to India for this great event.

Yours sincerely,

Thupten Tulku

Lhagon Tulku

22 Royal Terrace, Dunedin 9006, New Zealand Tel/ Fax: (03) 477 835 1 E- mail: tulku@earthlight.co.nz

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