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Yangsi Rinpoche Venerable Gen Rinpoche's reincarnation, Tenzin Lhundrup or Yangsi Rinpoche, is now 5 years old and still living happily with his family in Shillong. We plan to invite him to Sera Monastery in mid January 2003 to commence his studies of Buddhist philosophy, as Ven. Thupten Rinpoche has indicated this is an auspicious time for Yangsi Rinpoche to enter the monastery. An admission ceremony will be held to celebrate this occasion and will be open to all who wish to attend, so please schedule this into your busy lives. It will be a wonderful opportunity for us all to meet Yangsi Rinpoche and to share this important event. Remember that Yangsi Rinpoche enters Sera Monastery in January 2003. The Centre is looking into the possibility of a group booking, so if you plan to travel to India for this occasion please let us know. In preparation for his entry to the monastery we have bought a small piece of land at Sera, and intend to build a modest two story house to accommodate Yangsi Rinpoche, his tutor and an attendant. Both the house and ceremony still require more funding so please contribute by either making a direct payment into the bank account of the Yangsi Rinpoche Foundation, 020912-0255380-025, Bank of New Zealand, 98 George St, Dunedin, or posting you donation to Yangsi Rinpoche Foundation, c/-22 Royal Terrace, Dunedin. Sallie Dawa Co-ordinator YRF
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