The Sublime Continuum of Nectar

A poem by

Venerable Lhagön Rinpoche

© Copyright Lhagön Tulku & Dhargyey Buddhist Centre, 2000.

Peerless refuge, O supreme Arya Avalokiteshvara,
You are Glorious Tenzin Gyatso to whose kindness I am indebted ;
Be seated on my crown without separation
And look upon me, your child with unswerving mind.

When the unruly mind turns to Dharma,
It is more wholesome to contain wants for more
Than amass negative deeds; the utterly futile
Through fear of poverty, and attachment to abundance.

When having found a good life, conducive to Dharma
It is more wholesome to carry the utterly necessary to completion
Than to build a maze of fantasy through hopes and fears
And engross body and mind in frantic fulfilment.

When boarding at an indefinite place,
It is more wholesome to brave the hardships
Than to build a maze of fantasy through hopes and fears
And seek the company of the non-virtuous; the small-minded

When undertaking the necessary, working for a living,
It is more wholesome to do it with an altruistic mind
Than to yoke the body with the load of tasks through self-concern,
Fearing hardships if one didn't do them.

When running a household or monastic community,
It is more wholesome to consider all as kind
Than to ruffle one's mind through prejudices for and against
And undergo self-inflicted pain for nothing.

When living at a place for considerable duration,
It is more wholesome to do things good-heartedly
Than do a 'practice' out of self-concern
And yet remain strife-torn among fellows.

When undertaking practice, the indispensably needed
It is wholesome to widen the vista of hearing and contemplation
And apply what is heard to one's mind,
Through minding the precepts in one's own continuum at all times.

When integrating what is heard into meditation
It is wholesome to shun actions: ones in front and ones behind
And to match one's view with conduct, or thought with action
For this will become the path to liberation.

When contemplating the crux of the profound and the extensive
It is wholesome not to do fixed meditation from the start
But to gain certitude through analytical contemplation,
For this ensures decisive knowledge during single-point concentration.

When doing whatever in post-meditation or daily life
It is wholesome to post introspection's vigilance
And question the three doors' action before performance,
For then the negative deeds will cease on their own.

When persevering in virtues, the all-positive
It is wholesome to reject dwelling in the evil of self-concern,
And to meditate on altruism and non-inherent existence,
For this will yield dharmakaya and rupakaya.

Without faintest motives for scholarly fame
But only to meet the request from The Centre.
This song imbued with the catchword wholesome
Was written at Thupten Dhargyey Ling.

If this is practised and taken on board to the letter,
This will surely augment peace and joy, here and hereafter.
As a result of the effort made here in virtue, the all-positive
May all who see this have the highest peace and goodness.

Based on the writings of the past lamas, I, Lhagön Tulku, have written this piece of advice in verse 'Sublime Continuum of Nectar', infused with the key word 'wholesome' at the collective request of the Board of the Trustees of the Dhargyey Buddhist Centre, Dunedin, on the occasion of the production of their newsletter.

May even this be a cause for everyone's well being.
>May excellent virtues wax!

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